Rest Gardens presents the perfect working environment for corporate conferences and seminars. Also those with weddings, birthday parties and many more celebrations are always welcome. Please find a selection of our halls below.

Mwesigwa Hall

Capacity: 800 people

Mwesigwa Hall hosts over 800 people, its built in a semi-circular way which enables every body inside to have good view of the other. It is designed in natural materials that reduce the need for expansive and artificial decorations.

Natural portable flowers are in placed to provide freshness beauty in hall. A special platform designed for the main Guests is well located and nicely done that make them look different from other people in the hall.

Kakumba Hall

Capacity: 200 people

It has a capacity of 200 people. it is well built with enough space for aeration with poles designed with natural materials. it has a designed floor which attracts the mind as someone enters. Its walls are also designed in form of natural vegetation with flowing waters that welcomes whoever enters Rest Gardens.

Nassiwa Hall

Capacity: 200 people

Has a capacity of 200 people with Garden and beautiful flowers around it. The floor is designed with natural flat stones that make it different from other Halls.

Ellisa Hall

Capacity: 30 people

Has capacity of 25 - 30 people.

Eunice Hall

Capacity: 20 people

Accommodates 20 people.